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PicoScope® 6804E/6824E示波器
PicoScope® 6804E/6824E示波器
PicoScope® 6804E/6824E示波器前後面板說明
PicoScope® 6804E/6824E示波器軟體操作介面
PicoScope® 6804E/6824E示波器主機及標準配備圖

產品名稱 : PicoScope® 6000E系列8通道/12位元示波器

產品型號 : PicoScope® 6804E/6824E


PicoScope® 6804E/6824E高解析度示波器是英國Pico Technology推出8通道/12位元高解析度示波器。具備500MHz頻寬,最高5GS/s取樣率及4G pts記憶體, 可讓使用者長時間同時擷取8通道的波形作分析及運算。主機內建16個數位通道, 選配16通道數位探棒即可升級成8+16通道混合訊號示波器。本機型除了示波器功能外還標配任意波形產生器/頻譜分析儀/21種串列信號解碼分析等功能, 完美的價格優勢, 滿足使用者多通道訊號分析的需求。
產品型錄下載 (17.1 MB)
Picoscope 6軟體說明書下載 (9.3 MB)
1. 使用者可以自行調整硬體垂直解析度8/10/12 bit, 得到更精準的波形
2. PicoScope® 6000E提供8個類比通道及16個數位通道6804E/6824E共2種機型
3. 在8 bits解析度下, 提供高達5 GS/s取樣率, 在12 bit解析度下, 提供1.25GS/s取樣率
4. 最大提供4G pts記憶體
5. 主機內建16個數位通道, 選配16通道數位探棒即可升級成8+16通道混合訊號示波器
6. 標準內建50MHz函數/任意波形產生器, 可提供客戶更多種應用
7. 免費提供21種串列信號解碼
8. 內建頻譜分析儀模式, FFT點數可以讓使用者從128~1M點自行調整
9. PicoScope 6提供4個分割視窗, 讓波形擷取及分析更容易, 操作軟體免費更新
10. 示波器透過USB3.0介面與電腦連線, 相容於Win 7/8/10作業系統, 提供英文/繁體中文等22種語言介面
 PicoScope 6804EPicoScope 6824E
垂直規格 Vertical (analog channels)
通道數 (Input channels)8
頻寬 (Bandwidth) 500 MHz
上升時間 (Rise time)< 850 ps
頻寬限制功能 (Bandwidth limit)20 MHz, selectable
垂直解析度 (Vertical resolution)8 bits fixed8, 10 or 12 bits FlexRes
(Enhanced vertical resolution)
Up to 4 extra bits beyond ADC resolution
輸入介面 (Input connector)Single-ended BNC connector
輸入特性 (Input characteristics)1 MΩ ±0.5% in parallel with 12 pF ±1 pF, or 50 Ω ±2%
耦合 (Input coupling)1 MΩ AC/DC or 50 Ω DC
靈敏度 (Input sensitivity)2 mV/div to 4 V/div (10 vertical divisions)
(Input ranges (full scale))
1 MΩ ranges: ±10 mV, ±20 mV, ±50 mV, ±100 mV, ±200 mV, ±500 mV, ±1 V, ±2 V, ±5 V, ±10 V, ±20 V
50 Ω ranges: ±10 mV, then as above up to ±5 V
準確度 (DC gain accuracy)±(1.5% of signal + 1 LSB)±(0.5% of signal + 1 LSB)
DC offset accuracy±(1% of full scale + 250 µV). Offset accuracy can be improved by using the “zero offset” function in PicoScope 6.
Analog offset range (vertical position adjustment)
±1.25 V (10 mV to 1 V ranges)
±20 V (2 V to 20 V ranges)
(Overvoltage protection)
1 MΩ ranges: ±100 V (DC + AC peak) up to 10 kHz
50 Ω ranges: 5.5 V RMS
數位通道規格 (digital channels with optional TA369 8-channel MSO pods)
輸入通道 (Input channels)Up to 16 channels (2 ports of 8 channels)
最高頻率 (Maximum frequency)500 MHz (1 Gb/s)
(Minimum detectable pulse width)
1 ns
輸入接頭 Input connector (probe tip)Staggered signal and ground pin sockets for each channel, to accept 0.64 to 0.89 mm round or 0.64 mm square pin, 2.54 mm pitch
輸入阻抗 (Input characteristics)101 kΩ ±1% in parallel with 3.5 pF ±0.5 pF
(Threshold range and resolution)
±8 V in 5 mV steps
解析度 (Threshold accuracy)±(100 mV + 3% of threshold setting)
(Threshold grouping)
PicoScope 6: Two independent threshold controls, one per 8-channel port
PicoSDK: Individual threshold for each channel
臨界電壓種類 (Threshold selection)TTL, CMOS, ECL, PECL, user-defined
(Maximum input voltage at probe tip)
±40 V up to 10 MHz, derated linearly to ±5 V at 500 MHz
水平規格 - HorizontalPicoScope 6804EPicoScope 6824E
Maximum sampling rate (8-bit mode)
Up to 2 total analog channels and/or digital ports: 5 GS/s (one from channels ABCD, the other from channels EFGH).
Up to 4 total analog channels and/or digital ports: 2.5 GS/s (one from channels AB, one from CD, one from EF and one from GH).
Up to 8 total analog channels and/or digital ports: 1.25 GS/s.
All other combinations: 625 MS/s.
Maximum sampling rate (10-bit mode)
N/A1 analog channel or digital port: 5 GS/s.
Up to 2 total analog channels and/or digital ports: 2.5 GS/s (not applicable with the following channel combinations: AB, CD, EF, GH).
Up to 4 total analog channels and/or digital ports: 1.25 GS/s.
Up to 8 total analog channels and/or digital ports: 625 MS/s.
All other combinations: 312.5 MS/s.
Maximum sampling rate (12-bit mode)
N/A1.25 GS when using one channel from ABCD and/or one channel from EFGH, plus any digital ports.
Capture memory (shared between active channels)
2 GS4 GS (2 GS at 10/12-bit).
Max. single capture in PicoScope 6: 2 GS.
Max. single capture with PicoSDK: 4 GS.
時基範圍 (Timebase ranges)1 ns/div to 5000 s/div
時基準確度 (timebase accuracy)±2 ppm
時基偏移度 (Timebase drift)±1 ppm/year
外部時脈 (External reference clock)
輸入特性 Input characteristicsHigh-Z, AC coupled (> 1 kΩ at 10 MHz)
輸入頻率 Input frequency range10 MHz ±50 ppm
輸入介面 Input connectorRear panel BNC, dedicated
輸入電壓 Input level200 mV to 3.3 V peak to peak
過電壓保護 Overvoltage protection±5 V peak max
觸發 Triggering
來源 SourceAny analog channel, AUX trigger, plus digital ports with optional TA369 MSO pod
觸發模式 Trigger modesNone, auto, repeat, single, rapid (segmented memory)
Advanced trigger types (analog channels)
Edge, window, pulse width, window pulse width, dropout, window dropout, interval, runt, logic
Logic allows arbitrary combinations of up to 4 analog channels or MSO ports
靈敏度Trigger sensitivity (analog channels)Digital triggering provides 1 LSB accuracy up to full bandwidth of scope
Trigger types (digital inputs)
With optional MSO pods: Edge, pulse width, dropout, interval, logic, pattern, mixed signal
外部觸發規格 Auxiliary trigger I/O
介面 Connector typeRear-panel BNC
觸發種類 Trigger types (triggering scope)Edge, pulse width, dropout, interval, logic
輸入頻寬 Input bandwidth> 10 MHz
輸入特性 Input characteristics2.5 V CMOS high-Z input
臨界電壓值 Threshold rangeFixed threshold, 1.25 V nominal
耦合 CouplingDC
過電壓保護 Overvoltage protection±20 V peak max
函數波產生器 Function generator
標準波形 Standard output signalsSine, square, triangle, DC voltage, ramp up, ramp down, sinc, Gaussian, half-sine
頻率 Standard signal frequencySine: 100 μHz to 50 MHz
Square: 100 μHz to 50 MHz
Other waves: 100 μHz to 1 MHz
準確度 Output frequency accuracyOscilloscope timebase accuracy ± output frequency resolution
頻率準確度 Output frequency resolution0.002 ppm
掃頻模式 Sweep modesUp, down, dual with selectable start/stop frequencies and increments
掃頻範圍 Sweep frequency rangeSine / square waves: 0.075 Hz to 50 MHz
Other waves: 0.075 Hz to 1 MHz
Swept frequencies down to 100 μHz are possible via PicoSDK with some restrictions
掃頻解析度 Sweep frequency resolutionIn PicoScope 6 software: 0.075 Hz
Sweep frequency resolution down to 100 μHz is possible via PicoSDK with some restrictions
觸發 TriggeringFree-run, or from 1 to 1 billion counted waveform cycles or frequency sweeps. Triggered from scope trigger or manually.
電壓輸出範圍 Output voltage range±5 V into open circuit; ±2.5 V into 50 Ω
電壓調整 Output voltage adjustmentSignal amplitude and offset adjustable in < 1 mV steps within overall range
直流準確度 DC accuracy±(0.5% of output voltage + 20 mV)
輸出阻抗 Output resistance50 Ω ±3%
介面 Connector typeRear panel BNC
過電壓保護 Overvoltage protection±20 V peak max
任意波形產生器 Arbitrary waveform generator
取樣率 Update rateVariable from < 1 S/s to 200 MS/s with < 0.02 ppm resolution
記憶體 Buffer size40 kS
垂直解析度 Vertical resolution14 bits (output step size < 1 mV)
頻寬 BandwidthNo filter: 100 MHz
Filtered: 50 MHz
上升時間 Rise time (10% to 90%)No filter: 3.5 ns
Filtered: 6 ns
探棒支援 Probe support
主動探棒 Active probe interfaceActive probe interface on four channels supporting A6000 Series active probes. Probe interface supplies power and controls the active probe.
探棒偵測 Probe detectionAutomatic detection of P2056 10:1 oscilloscope probe
探棒補償接頭 Probe compensation pin1 kHz, 2 V peak to peak square wave, 600 Ω
頻譜分析功能 Spectrum analyzer
頻率範圍 Frequency rangeDC to 500 MHz
顯示模式 Display modesMagnitude, average, peak hold
Y axisLogarithmic (dbV, dBu, dBm, arbitrary dB) or linear (volts)
X axisLinear or logarithmic
視窗格式 Windowing functionsRectangular, Gaussian, triangular, Blackman, Blackman−Harris, Hamming, Hann, flat-top
FFT點數 Number of FFT pointsSelectable from 128 to 1 million in powers of 2
數學運算功能 Math channels
功能 Functions−x, x+y, x−y, x*y, x/y, x^y, sqrt, exp, ln, log, abs, norm, sign, sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan, sinh, cosh, tanh, delay, average, frequency, derivative, integral, min, max, peak, duty, highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bandstop
運算子 OperandsA to H (input channels), T (time), reference waveforms, pi, 1D0 to 2D7 (digital channels), constants
自動量測功能 Automatic measurements
示波器模式 Scope modeAC RMS, true RMS, frequency, cycle time, duty cycle, DC average, falling rate, rising rate, low pulse width, high pulse width, fall time, rise time, minimum, maximum, peak to peak
頻譜模式 Spectrum modeFrequency at peak, amplitude at peak, average amplitude at peak, total power, THD %, THD dB, THD+N, SFDR, SINAD, SNR, IMD
統計功能 StatisticsMinimum, maximum, average, standard deviation
串列訊號解碼 Serial decoding
協定種類 Protocols1-Wire, ARINC 429, BroadR-Reach, CAN & CAN FD, DALI, DCC, DMX512, Ethernet 10Base-T and 100Base-TX, FlexRay, I²C, I²S, LIN, PS/2, Manchester, Modbus, SENT, SPI, UART (RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485), and USB 1.1
遮罩測試功能 Mask limit testing
統計功能 StatisticsPass/fail, failure count, total count
遮罩編輯 Mask creationUser-drawn, table entry, auto-generated from waveform or imported from file
顯示 Display
連線設定 InterpolationLinear or sin(x)/x
波形累積 Persistence modesDigital color, analog intensity, custom, fast
軟體 Software  
OS supportWindows 7, 8 and 10; Linus, macOS
LanguagesChinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
一般規格 General specifications
包裝內容物 Package contentsPicoScope 6000E Series 8-channel oscilloscope
Quick Start Guide
Power supply, universal input
USB 3.0 cable
Carry case
連接介面 PC connectivityUSB 3.0 SuperSpeed (USB 2.0 compatible)
電源 Power requirement12 V DC from supplied PS016 PSU. Up to 7 A including powered accessories.
體積 Dimensions245 x 192 x 61.5 mm
MSO digital interface cable length500 mm (scope to pod)
MSO probe flying lead length225 mm (pod to probe tip)
MSO pod size75 x 55 x 18.2 mm
MSO probe size34.5 x 2.5 x 6.7 mm (including ground pin)
重量 Weight2.2 kg (scope only) 5.6 kg (in carry case with PSU and cables)
溫度範圍 Temperature rangeOperating: 0 to 40 °C
For quoted accuracy after 20 minutes warm-up: 15 to 30 °C
Storage: –20 to +60 °C
濕度範圍 Humidity rangeOperating: 5% to 80% RH non-condensing
Storage: 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
高度範圍 Altitude rangeUp to 2000 m
安規 Safety complianceDesigned to EN 61010-1:2010
檢磁 EMC complianceTested to EN 61326-1:2013 and FCC Part 15 Subpart B
環境 Environmental complianceRoHS & WEEE compliance
所需電腦規格 PC requirementsProcessor, memory and disk space: as required by the operating system
Ports: USB 3.0 (recommended) or 2.0 (compatible)
保固 Warranty5 years